Build a Virtual World!

in less than an hour


Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology with the potential to change the way we experience the web as a whole. With a huge number of applications, it is useful for both fun activities as well as serious research for the benefit of the open web.

Help bring this new kind of open technology to the web by learning and using an awesome open source web framework, A-FRAME, with HTML! Lead your Club to create Virtual Reality experiences that plays right in your web browser and is supported by Vive, Rift, desktop and mobile platforms. If this is your first time running a meeting check out the Great Meeting Planning Guide before getting started.

Your Mission: learn the basics of A-Frame so that your Club can create a virtual version of your University. Are you ready?

Introduce Web VR & A-Frame

Get Started

Now your Club is fired up and ready to go, we invite you to go through this A-frame getting started activity (it will take you less than an hour) either as individuals or together as a group and then and come back to start building your VR experience.

Activity's Slidedeck Facilitator

As the activity's facilitator open and share this slidedeck so your Club can go through the activity together.

Activity's Slidedeck

Fork our Repo Students

For going through the activity, students have to fork our GitHub repository and start working on the examples one by one. This requires you to be familiar with the tool Git and the GitHub ecosystem. In the Campus Clubs learning activities you can find two activities for mastering Git and learning how to contribute to Open Source on GitHub.


Now that you forked the repo, download it in your computer and open the example one by one, following the instructions in them and on the presenter.


Now that you have completed the get started activity and customized the available examples it's time for you to build your own VR experience.

Build your University in VR

Combine what you just learned and build your University in Virtual Reality. A gray cube can be a building, a cylinder can be a tower building. Just use your imagination and combine all the A-Frame entities you just learned! You can build a part of your university (a classroom, the gym) or even the whole Campus! It's up to you and your imagination!

Bonus: Can't find the component you need? Take your skills and your contributions to the open web to the next level by building your own component.

Accept the challenge

  1. Fork the Challenge's repo and download the repo into your computer.
  2. Create a new HTML file and name it after what you want to build. For example: AustriaUnibuilding.html.
  3. After you complete building your University in VR commit your changes.
  4. Open a pull request in our Repo.

Congratulations! You just learned and created a open VR web experience in less than an hour!

Are you ready for the next challenge on VR gaming? coming soon!